Unconscious Archives Festival 2017


20 – 30 September 2017, London
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Unconscious Archives Festival 2017 explores materiality and embodied liveness across sound art and electronic music, experimental new media and audiovisual art through three live events – Compositional Constructs, Haptic Somatic and Narrativize, as well as an exhibition Emotion + the Tech(no)body showcasing over thirty international artists.

Across ten days UA2017 brings together diverse boundary pushing artists whose work encompasses the ‘dialogical’ and the ‘practicable’. From the fabric of the experimental live film and sound art scenes, to the electronic and handbuilt and coded, UA2017 highlights ‘liveness’ as a genre encouraging the breakdown of audience-performer boundaries. UA2017 blurs interdisciplinary lines of enquiry as part of a broader investigation into the relationship of our bodies to technology; the emotional resonance of memory and data; and our evolving utilisation of ‘the archive’ as an ephemeral site for self-imaging, self-construction and meaning.

UA2017 showcases UK and international artists, with a special focus on the Austrian experimental scene, and women artists as headliners throughout each event.

UA2017 is curated by Sally Golding, Director-Producer – Unconscious Archives

Supported by: Arts Council England, Austrian Federal Chancellery (BKA), and the Austrian Cultural Forum London

Media partners: The Wire, The Quietus, Resonance FM