UA #03 Dirk de Bruyn, Tim Goldie, Mandelbrot, Richard Tuohy


" "[sic]™ TIM GOLDIE

Tuesday 15th November 2011
Apiary Studios
458 Hackney Road, London, E2 9EG
8pm-10.30pm, £4

This UA features two important Australian experimental film artists sent to deconstruct your retina. Live film performance by Dirk de Bruyn and rare screenings from Richard Tuohy, and featuring sound exertion and diabolical pulse from Londoners Tim Goldie and Mandlebrot.

DIRK DE BRUYN | Australia

Retina reflux from Dirk de Bruyn’s extensive film catalogue from the last 30 odd years. De Bruyn selects 16mm hand stamped, bitten, scratched and scathed films for reformat and regeneration in his multi projector, shadowy torchlight expanded cinema + concrete noise performances.

“My hand-drawn direct work remains my regurgitated creative life-blood, continually re-inscribed with the follies and hesitations of my everyday life. It speaks to me of things I have never said. It survives viscerally outside the outside. It impacts my body before thought floods in.” – de Bruyn
Dirk de Bruyn


" "[sic]™ TIM GOLDIE | London

Drummer and scathing noise artist, unafraid of fairly perilous behaviour. A kind of mutant cross-pollination of noise, live art, dada and UK improvisation. Shell shocked screechings and ravings, or possibly sneaky quiet dream revelations. Runs the equally disembraining Abject Bloc multi sensory events out of Limehouse Town Hall.
Tim Goldie blog



“10 fingers, 6 strings and a plethora of pedals creating a massive pulsing noise that resonates between harmony and discord. Combining influences from David Pajo’s seminal ‘M’ project, to the density of Sunn O))’s bowel shaking sound, yet processed and shaped into the syntax and language of something altogether more electronic sounding.”



Artist filmmakers Richard Tuohy and Diane Barrie run Nanolab, a simply incredible super 8 hand processing and telecine lab in Victoria, Australia. Richard presents some rarely seen films which explode the chemical, physical and metabolic processes that define the film laboratory.
Nano Lab
Richard Tuohy Vimeo

Etienne’s Hand
16mm; B/W; 13 minutes; Sound; 2011
A movement study of a restless hand. Made from one five second shot. Sound constructed from an old French folk tune played on a hand cranked music box.

Screen Tone
3 × 16mm projectors; B/W; 10 minutes; Sound; 2011
Half-tone dot ‘screens’ intended for use as shadings and tones in Manga comic illustrations have here been ‘photogrammed’ directly onto raw 16mm film stock. The sounds heard are those that the dots themselves produce as they pass the optical sound head of the 16mm projector. A camera-less and sound-recorder-less film!