UA #10 Xavier Querel, Mad Needle, Phantom Chips


Tuesday 10th September 2013
Apiary Studios
458 Hackney Rd, London, E2 9EG
Doors: 7.30pm
Tickets: £5 adv / £7 on door

UA presents this special edition ‘Dingo Ate My Brûlée’ in honour of the overwhelming brigade of Aussie performers, and our sole French bastion of celluloid light. A reverse invasion, key members from Australia’s noise band and label scene swamp our stage to present a new and truly improvised formation, joined by ex-pat Jayson Haebich on home brewed smog and light de-fraction control. Phantom Chips zips up her home made wearable synths and buttons up her power supply to bring you an un-fashion show like no other. And our beacon of light Xavier Quérel of Metamkine fame brings his truly awesome, intimate and bleedingly bright solo expanded cinema show to town. All of this for the first time in London!


UA is honoured to present French expanded cinema artist Xavier Quérel’s solo performance. Focusing on performance with light and film, Quérel considers the film projector as an instrument. Applying his experience in improvisation, he has developed idiosyncratic techniques and ingenious manipulations allowing him to play with the spontaneity of a musician. He plays with “La Cellule d’intervention METAMKINE” – film/music performance based on improvisation, with Jérome Noetinger and Christophe Auger. Transversing the continents, he has been invited to perform and participate at art institutions, festivals, independent clubs, squats and small villages deep in the African bush. He co-founded “L’Atelier MTK”, a collective ‘handcraft’ cinema laboratory for experimental cinema techniques.

“Taking part in a performance of expanded cinema means giving oneself up to the synaesthetic experience, setting aside the traditional rules of film language and developing a receptive attitude, free of critical criteria… Light is the starting agent of this chain reaction, the projector its tool.” – Quérel
Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine


MAD NEEDLE | Australia

Australians in Europe
Never ever breathe
Australians in Europe
Get a whiff of Air and Helium to breathe.
Australians in Europe
Higher! Australians in Europe

The crème de la crème of the Australian noise-nic beat-nic scene featuring the rather prolific: Michael Donnelly (Sky Needle, 6Majik9, Unwar, Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood); Sarah Byrne (STAG, Screaming Match, Sky Needle, Painkillers); Michael Zulicki (Albert’s Basement, Mad Nanna, Mole House); Pat O’Brien (Mad Nanna, A Band Called Life, O’Tomorrow, sunshine & Grease); Glen Schenau (Per Purpose, Sky Needle); Alex Cuffe (No Fuckwitz, New Low, Sky Needle); Joel Stern (Sky Needle, Greg Boring, Abject Leader, Soft Power, OtherFilm); Daniel Jenatsch (No Fuckwitz, Sky Needle, Matthew Barney).

Don’t miss this rare opportunity for a truly underground show featuring an anticlockwise psychedelic invasion of reconfigured improvised bands.

Why did the Great Grandad leave?
Australians in Europe never see.
He was consigned to a boat, after using a huge great cleaver.

Australians in Europe.
Never ever B.R.E.A.T.H.E.
Australians your biggest things rejected,
I have ever seen.
Your like a pair of dogs loose in McGregor’s kiln,
you know shit.
Australians in Europe
Wake up and suss the scene.
Your just a bloody Twister, so who do you think your foolin.

Australians in Europe – The Fall
If you are not 100 percent happy, don’t pay!


PHANTOM CHIPS | Brisbane-Bristol

Phantom chips aka Tara Pattenden is a multimedia artist working with analog electronics, field recordings and soft circuitry. She plays homemade tape manipulators and lunetta style electronics. Her work explores tactile interaction with a particular interest in creating clumsy and awkward interfaces. She makes other worldly monsters embedding them with sonic devices to create wearable, tactile sound machines. Phantom’s first performance in London – watch this girl, wear her electric clothes.



Jayson Haebich uses his skills as a computer programmer to create diverse and innovative works ranging from light sculptures, digital artworks, club visuals, site specific installations, data visualisations, film clips and much more. Performing with Mad Needle, Haebich creates an interactive cave to set the scene for melodrama and the unknown. Custom built software, smoke and mirrors, cloak and daggers, stroboscopic mind-melt.
Jayson Haebich