UA #01 Helm, Joel Stern, Ben Gwilliam, Sally Golding, James Holcombe, Adam Asnan with Louie Rice, Vasco Alves



Tuesday 12th July 2011
Apiary Studios
458 Hackney Road, London, E2 9EG
8pm-11pm, £4

Unconscious Archives transverses noise core and vision spectacle bringing together expanded cinema and sonic propositions from London and afar.

Strained Sonorousness. Wanton Optics. The inauguration of Unconscious Archives lab – noise burp rotten retina digestives to save our souls. Dredged microcosm, labyrinthine magneto-euphoria, patterned panic, leghorn foghorn crackle and psychotropic distendencies.


Elements of musique concrete, noise, drones and tones all play a role in a world where the sound of the human voice morphs into spectral rust, a shimmering klang swims alongside passive noise and the relationship between acoustic and electronic derived sounds forms a solid foundation. Helm is the solo project of Luke Younger, one half of the London/Berlin noise duo Birds of Delay. Drawing equally upon noise and ambient elements, the music on Impasse illustrates Younger’s continuing development within the field of experimental electronics and drone composition. Utilising synths, feedback systems and effects, these two long-form tracks offer a dense mixture of blistering yet melodic walls of sound. Younger has previously toured extensively through Europe and the US as a member of Birds of Delay with artists such as Emeralds, Pain Jerk, Son of Earth, and has shared bills with the likes of Wolf Eyes, Sonic Youth, The Ex, The Skaters, Sightings, Aaron Dilloway.
Birds of Delay Myspace



Joel Stern is an artist and performer based in Brisbane, Australia primarily working with experimental music & sound. His interest is in manipulating and shaping ‘noise’ material into new forms that generate uncanny emotional, psychological and physical resonances for the listener.

Joel’s work incorporates DIY electronics, homemade instruments, text, field recordings and flashing lights.

Joel’s key projects include Abject Leader (with filmmaker Sally Golding) a duo widely recognised as Australia’s premier exponents of contemporary expanded cinema, and Sky Needle (with Sarah Byrne, Alex Cuffe and Ross Manning) a primitive music ensemble using handmade and recycled instruments.

His numerous releases have come on labels including Naturestrip, MusicYourMindWillLoveYou, Breakdance the Dawn, Alberts Basement, Ground Fault, Impermanent Audio and many others.
Disembraining Machine
Sky Needle
Joel Stern at Ecclesiastic Ecstatic



Thames Walks
B/W 2 screen 16mm projection – James Holcombe
Live sound diffusion – Adam Asnan

Bearing little resemblance to documentary or reconstruction, Thames Walks is more an exhibition of extractions; a series of optical/audible, concrete/anecdotal artifacts, gathered at locations along the River Thames from it’s source to the sea.

Performable for any combination and number of screens and projectors Thames Walks can be seen to follow a polyptych scheme – a fragmented, but thematically reciprocal collection of discrete parts. These parts are offered without a specific linear order, diffusing any sense of a teleological direction. This increases the capacity for each walk to be appreciated independently, as well as part of a greater, episodic structure.

James Holcombe seeks to film perfect rolls of film in camera, following a structure that determines the sequential outcome of each section of image.
James Holcombe

Adam Asnan captures his source material using both conventional and expanded recording techniques, re-presenting these with a range of minimal compositional agitations.
Adam Asnan



Ben Gwilliam is a sound artist active in the fields of sound installation, film, improvising new music and performance. He works live with reel to reel machines, punctured tape, feedback and assorted amplified sources.

He has been active in the experimental improvising music scene over the last ten years, mustering collaborations with people such as Claus van Bebber, Helmut Lemke, Lee Patterson, Matt Wand, Michael Vorfeld, Jason Zeh and others. He is currently Embedded Artist in Residence with Sound and Music & (London).
Those Sounds Between



Golding combines film projection with performance and installation creating live cine-sculptures and interactions. Folly and foray into physiological cinematics, embodied beams and alchemical projection performance. Photographic compositions from printed optical sound and uprooted vinyl library music. Deconstruction of cinematic materials and apparatus, creating slippage between materialist investigation, sculptural forms, and bodily intervention. Cracked cinema for darkroom compositions, light bleed, contorted projection sports, dismembered narrative, strained sonorousness, whimsical instructional and wanton optics.
Sally Golding
Sally Golding at Sonica Festival



Four of One and One of the Other (12’00)
Featuring James Holcombe, Louie Rice, and Vasco Alves

A simple study for four sets of identical apparatus and one different, each relaying its part in a cooperative arrangement. For this performance Adam is joined by James Holcombe, Louie Rice, and Vasco Alves.

Adam Asnan is a London based composer-performer of musique concrète. Adam’s work promotes the aesthetic potential of fixed (recorded) and amplified sound, with certain technical principles that activate wider notions of acousmatic reception, and of the ‘image’ subject to the artifice. His compositions, live performances and audio-visual collaborations have been presented and staged across Europe and has recordings published by Entr’acte and Senufo Editions.
Adam Asnan